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Balance And Stability Training

Balance and stability training can improve joint stability, movement awareness, coordination, and injury prevention.

The following recommendations may help you achieve improvements to your overall balance and stability:

  • Balance programs should be at least 4 weeks in length.

  • At least 3 workouts should be used per week.

  • At least one set of each exercise should be used, although it is recommended that Clients use more than just one set.

  • At least four repetitions are needed to achieve positive long-term changes.

  • Each repetition should last for a minimum of 20 seconds.

When you master a movement, you should ask your Trainer to introduce a new movement to keep you challenged. If an exercise is not challenging, training will be ineffective since the body is not required to react and adapt to the stimulus.

Core stability plays a critical role in a your overall movement capabilities. Adequate attention must be paid to maintaining a strong core so that you are able to handle the strains that a training program places on your body.

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