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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

An effective training program has to be tailored to the specific needs that face each Client. Once these needs are understood, the “Acute Program Variables” of a program may be determined. These variables are:

- Choice of exercise - Order of Exercise - Resistance Used - Number of Sets - Number of Reps - Amount of Rest Between Sets

A proper needs analysis allows the exercise prescription to reflect the informed choices of each of the acute program variables and allows your fitness professional to design an appropriate training program.

Your fitness professional must examine your general fitness base, specific fitness and needs, exercise history, and potential risk for injury to make informed choices in regard to your program design.

Some training programs have moved away from evidence based training programs and instead are moving toward conditioning programs that conform to what is “new” or “popular”. These programs can needlessly increase the risks associated with strength training and conditioning, and rarely lead to a desired result.

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