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“I have known Dan Rosenblum for 8 years both professionally & personally. I have worked with him as well as worked out with him. He is truly knowledgeable, patient, yet knows when you need to be pushed!! He has trained several of my family members as there’s no one I trust more than Dan. I was in the best shape of my life when I trained with him (unfortunately I moved out of state recently). He guided me from a weight I was not happy with to a lean, fit & energetic person! I trained with him 3x a week for an hour each time. My body fat dropped & my energy increased! He changed up my routine each time as I get bored easily. He kept it fun, interesting yet was focused on me the whole time & I was working harder than ever without even realizing what I was doing! I miss working out with him, he is a great trainer & a great friend.” 



-Karyn S.

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