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The Science Behind Our Method

Even with 24-hours in a day, the demands of a hectic schedule can make it difficult to escape the home and hit the gym. Pressures of work and family commitments probably leave little time left over for you; and chances are that your current lifestyle is seriously impacting on your overall health and fitness levels.

We recognize that any serious fitness program takes time and this is something that you may not have. Alternatively, you may just not be comfortable with joining a traditional health club. For these reasons, at JD Fit we take the guesswork out of your program and offer two locations to suite your needs!

JD Fit provides all of the tools you need to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of!

Our client list includes:

  1. Teenagers looking to further their athletic development

  2. Individuals with specific goals (training for the FDNY, NYPD or CO physical test)

  3. Pre and Post Natal training for women, as well as training throughout their pregnancy

  4. All adults of various physical ability

We have various training options and packages, locations at a private studio in the heart of Long Beach, NY and a converted gym in Massapequa, NY.  We use a variety of different training methods, including resistance training, exercise program design, cardiovascular training, balance and stability training.  Our methods include equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and plyometrics and TRX suspension training.

Daniel is a certified Level Two RPR specialist (Reflexive Performance Reset)

  1. Needs Analysis

  2. Testing and Evaluation

  3. Resistance Training

  4. Exercise Program Design

  5. Cardiovascular Training

  6. Balance and Stability Training

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