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Johanna Gerold


December 17, 2023

Holidays Are Here...

Holiday season is in full swing - parties, presents & eggnog. Along with the holiday celebrations are the things we know we shouldn't be eating - but give ourselves a pass on thanks to the Season of Cheer.

All that is fine and good - look, we know people slip up. We do - we get off track, sometimes we get down, sometimes we're just so busy with all the activities and work and social media and.....EVERYTHING - accountability is slipping. We know its hard to stay on track, even with all of the fitness tips and hacks there are out there - like eating before you go out, swapping the heavy alcoholic drinks for a mocktail or something made with LMNT (shameless plug to have you come grab it at the studio) - but the real question after you slip is...How Long Will It Take You To Get Back On Track?

January is coming. The dark, cold season of Seasonal Depression is upon us. Its so easy to look out the window at 5am and opt to go back to bed under the covers and stay warm then bundle up and go to the gym. Its so easy to check the app, see your workout and think "maybe I'll just skip it today and do it tomorrow"...and that cycle is so very hard to break. We can only do so much to help keep you accountable.  We can't force you to workout. We can't force you to swap the candy bar for an apple, and we can't force you to kick up the intensity to your training - the most we can do is our best to present you with the best information of how to move forward, create a caring and fun environment with people you WANT to be around and workout with - and make the workouts fun. When you're having a good time with your training, and you're seeing results, its much easier to continue down that path.

I'm happy to be the one to tell you that January and February aren't as long as they seem. Soon, the birds will be out, the flowers will be blooming, and the sun will be shining. The real question is - how will YOU look and feel when that happens?  Will you still be wrapped in your cozy blanket watching repeats of various Netflix series on the couch or will you be ready for the Beach?  Because before you know it, the sand will be between your toes and you're going to want to get that tan going - and you want to feel comfortable doing it.

Don't wait!  Get started TODAY on your beach body so you're not scrambling in March, trying fad diets and starving yourself in another yo-yo diet that won't work and leave you feeling helpless and angry. Programs vary from daily workouts, to custom online training - all the way up to hybrid methods and in person training. We have you COVERED. Every aspect of what you need to be your best self - we have for you - down to Nutritional Coaching!  ICYMI - Dan is a certified nutrition coach with a Flex Diet certification and DECADES of experience in how food can help you feel and look great.

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